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311 277 1222

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ACROSS WORLD LOGISTICS SAS is constituted as the best alternative in real and timely delivery COMPREHENSIVE LOGISTICS SERVICES handling and transportation of international cargo.

Our company provides systematized service, integrating the logistics chain and competitive prices, adapting to each client needs and with strategies that ensure optimal handling charge.


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ACROSS WORLD LOGISTICS SAS has international presence in major ports and airports in the world through our network of Strategic Agents, who, like us, have the sole objective of meeting the needs of our customers.

One of the greatest benefits offered by our Global Presence, that are physically close to his or her client and provider as their strategic partner, we worry about the goods are shipped and delivered on time and the way you needs. And most importantly, keep them informed of the status of your shipment permanently.

Mission and Vision

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ACROSS WORLD LOGISTICS SAS is committed to efficiency and quality in each of their logistics processes by optimizing resources, time and combined transport systems to provide a portfolio of services with wide coverage, expertise and full compliance with the needs and demands of its customers .

ACROSS WORLD LOGISTICS SAS is a clear and consistent company in its strategic plans the operations performed to create a lasting and stable partnership with its customers.

Placing ACROSS WORLD LOGISTICS SAS as one of the leading business groups in Colombia, notable for its personalized service and comprehensive experience in handling Logistics and international freight.